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Another New Subdivision Proposed

Polygon Northwest has submitted another land use application requesting approval of a new subdivision entitled River Terrace Park. The site consists of approximately 28 acres just south of 161st Ave and east of a future subdivision along Roy Rogers Road. See the map below for the relationship between these two subdivisions.  The Planning Commission is scheduled to hold a public hearing on this proposal on March 6, 2017. Please contact staff planner Monica Bilodeau at or 503-718-2427 for more information.

The proposal includes 158 detached single family homes and a 1.67-acre neighborhood park. It proposes to preserve most of an existing significant tree grove and extend 161st Ave to the south. More detailed information about the proposal can be found on the River Terrace Park webpage. Many of the files are very large and will take a while to download. Please be patient.


11 responses to “Another New Subdivision Proposed”

  1. John Butterly says:

    How will the builders access this site, will an access road be made from Roy Rogers or will they be using 161st ????

  2. Jim Welsh says:

    Let me think about this for a minute or so. Just what the area needs – more unaffordable high density housing, along with the accompanying traffic congestion. Again, where are all the high paying jobs going to be that will allow people the ability to purchase these over priced houses? Or are they just being knocked up for tax reasons?

  3. Kathy says:

    I am amazed that only 8 people showed up for this meeting. This development is going to affect this whole community in a very profound way. If trucks take Roy Rogers and go up Bull Mountain and then down 161st to the site, that is going to be extremely disruptive to this community and will affect far more people than those within 500 feet! Why is there not more specificity concerning the routes the construction traffic will take? It’s very vague in the meeting summary that was posted. If the trucks will be coming off of Roy Rogers, how are they going to get to the site without going through existing neighborhoods? This is of great concern, especially for those of us who are home during the day. This neighborhood has been bombarded with construction for years, with no concern from builders on the disruption to existing homeowners. Their drivers take short cuts through neighborhoods to save a couple of minutes instead of staying on specified truck routes. This needs to be addressed well in advance of new building taking place. The builders need to know that this disruption is being duly noted by existing homeowners and affects the quality of their daily lives. The noise from the trucks is horrific! They think nothing of using jake brakes while going through residential areas. Please give us some more definitive (not vague) answers to these questions.

    • Susan Shanks says:

      Hi Kathy — Construction is disruptive no matter which way you slice it, and this area is certainly experiencing a lot of it. We can’t mitigate all of the impacts of construction, but we can minimize or manage some of them. While this subdivision has not yet been approved by the Planning Commission, any approval would, for example, include a condition that requires the developer to provide a construction vehicle access and parking plan prior to construction of public improvements (think: water pipes, sewers, and streets) and then again prior to construction of homes.

      All such plans require the approval of the City Engineer, and she would be happy to share this information with neighbors once it has been submitted. Assuming the Planning Commission approves this subdivision, we don’t expect any construction to occur on this site for several years, so it’s too early to know whether construction access to this site would be allowed from 161st Ave. Approved access to this site for construction would likely depend upon whether access existed or could be required through the adjacent site to the west, which abuts Roy Rogers Rd.

      If a developer is violating their approved access plan, we’d want to know about it. A good point person to contact about construction questions or concerns in River Terrace is Mike White, Senior Engineering Technician, at 503-718-2464 or

      As for the use of jake brakes, they are prohibited within city limits. I couldn’t say whether that’s true for County streets as well, but I believe it is. For jake brake complaints, please contact Sergeant Gerald Bartolomucci with the Tigard Police Department. He can be reached at 503-718-1628 or

  4. Jim Welsh says:

    But yet no one has answered my question, where are all the high paying jobs that will allow people to even consider buying one of these homes? Oregon has historically been a low wage state. A person would would have to have a job that pays $35 or $40 an hour to afford one of these houses. And who would want to live in a townhouse(which is basically just an apartment)? Or is this development catering to out of state money? Anyhow, uber densities coupled with overpriced homes, will in the long run, cause more issues than they will solve.

    • Susan Shanks says:

      Hi Jim — You raised this question in a previous post (Sep 28), and I did my best to answer it then. I’m happy to talk with you more in person on this subject, but I’m not sure what else I can add here. As I said before, much of what you are asking, I think, is about regional housing and market conditions over which the city does not have much, if any, control. Please feel free to call me directly if I’m missing something here. My number is 503-718-2454.

    • john says:

      Chill out…..people either have these jobs or they don’t. We don’t need to create new ones just for someone to buy a townhome.

  5. John Butterly says:

    You should be on Bull Mountain today, the trucks are having a field day with their Jake brakes no sheriffs anywhere!!!!

    • Susan Shanks says:

      I encourage you to report these incidents. My understanding is that it’s very helpful if you can provide the police/sheriff with a license plate number or the name of the trucking company. And if there’s a time frame in which these incidents are occurring, that’s also good information to pass along.

  6. Lauren Scott says:

    Please note that this meeting has been rescheduled for March 20th.

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